Andhere’s a few reasons why you need to get serious about finally buying aproperty:

EquityOpportunities Are Floating Away

Home purchasing is about morethan just securing a place to live, it’s an investment. Don’t wait to buy andwaste your returns. The fact is nationally and in many areas, asking priceclimbs are slowing down. That means moments of indecision could have ahigh-cost in equity.

DreamHomes Could Soon Price out of Reach

According to NAR’s ChiefEconomist Lawrence Yun, asking prices have risen 25 percent over the past threeyears, job gains are driving the headlines, and these two elements are pushingconsumer confidence to a recent high.

NextYear’s Raise Probably Won’t Be Enough

According to Trulia’s ChiefEconomist Jed Kolko, “Home-buying affordability will worsen in 2015 for tworeasons. First, even these smaller price increases will almost surely outpaceincome growth… Second, the strengthening economy and the Fed’s response shouldpush up mortgage rates.”

As we all know, home prices jumped7 percent from last to the previous November. According to the Bureau of Laborand statistics, the average civilian worker’s pay only increased 2.2 percentyear-over-year. In other words—affordability is slipping away for Americans whocan afford to buy today, even if they think they’re headed for a raise.

BuyingStabilizes the Budget

No matter what the mortgagerate, price, or region, buying is a great way to stabilize housing costs. Ifyou are considering a major life change like growing a family, a new businesson the horizon, or other major expenses, now is the best time to buy if you doit right.

Statistics shown rent increasesyear-over-year from 4 percent to up to 7 percent. Those sorts of increases canmake saving hard and planning even more impossible.

It sounds cliché, but thesefacts really show that today’s opportunity is no joke and won’t last forever.It’s Your decision!