Whether it’s the only living room you have or you’re creating a more formal area apart from the bonus room where all the movie watching takes place, it can be tons of fun creating a spot in the house that looks a bit more couture than the rest. Today, we’re showing of 20 stunning living rooms cultivated in a designer’s eye. Formality, luxury and fashion-forward style were all used in these gorgeous settings. Let’s have a peek!

1. Textural & Feminine

If there were a catwalk for living rooms, this would be one of the last to end the show with a bang. The romantic colors, strong accents and textural elements all come together to create a room that’s full of live and style envy. The natural light that pours through the windows bounce off the blush and gold tones, while the chandelier helps to cultivate an even more relaxed romance too.

2. Minimal Hipster

Here’s a glimpse at a living room made with chic tendencies and crisp lines. The neutral tones keep things clean while the pops of rose gold and copper make an surprising statement that’s a bit outside-the-box in terms of traditional living rooms. There’s an artsy feel that arises from its combination that’s also very attractive.

3. Family Take


Closer to a family living room, this gorgeous and spacious living room has so many elements to love and swoon over. From the fireplace and artwork placement, the teal pops and the contemporary chandelier, there are so many ways this space has incorporated accents to heighten the style of the room.{found on janelockhart}.

4. Cottage Charm


Whoever cultivated this room knew how to infuse some cottage style into a space without losing it’s more formal, designer appeal. Creams, grey and some dashes of floral prints all come together in a way that’s makes a living room approachable and pristine all at the very same time.

5. Glittering Bits


Layered pillows on a large, sectional sofa, bits of glitter in the corners, high windows and fresh flowers are just some way to make your space look a bit more luxurious. And this example does it seamlessly while still creating a very enveloping escape for guests to come into.{found on artsandclassy}.

6. Small & Mighty

Even a smaller living area can be made to look extra fashion-forward and designer-made. Neutral tones keep the space open and the addition of gold can highlight the area into seeming a bit more expensive in taste. We love the mixture of prints here for the added interest benefit and love the delicate decorum accents as well.

7. On Trend

Everything about this living room is right on trend with the present-day styles. But it’s also got a timeless feel as well making it a classic design that won’t need to be changed around with the moving seasons or new ideas. From the sheepskin stools to the mirror by the windows, there is a lot to envy about this space.

8. Springtime Eclecticism

These springtime colors highlight this creamy, subdued room in a way that’s fit for a showroom home. We’re loving the addition of the acrylic coffee table, which helps to bring in a small bout of luxury feelings as does the artwork covering the small nook in the background.{found on margothartford}.

9. Desert Posh

There’s something about this space that reminds us of a sparkling, desert in the sun. With the pops of powder blue reminiscent a blue, springtime sky – it’s amazing how you can grab inspiration from a variety of places an then incorporate them into something like a gorgeous living room.

10. Youthful Edge


If you’re looking to create something with a bit more youth and edginess, then take this room as your inspiration or example of how to do it the right way. Starting with a classic black and white foundation and utilizes the right accents and accessories to cultivate a crisp style, this living room has a design appeal and younger charms.

11. Slick & New

There’s one word that comes to mind when taking a first glance at this larger, spacious living room and that’s … slick. It’s got a monochromatic look but with the layers of texture provides the right amount of interest and artsy of a room that’s been thought out to every last detail.

12. Beige Beauty

Beige can look and feel like a designer’s dream when played up with its strengths. Just look at this gorgeous creation and imagine it sitting inside your home! This space has the perfect mixture of texture, tradition and lighting: three very important elements when designing a room for a family home.

13. Creating Collages

This is a very friendly space but it’s decorated in a way that brings about a rich, luxurious style. It could be all the feminine touches, of course, or it could be its use of outside-the-box collage makes. From the candles to the pillows to the family photos in the background, there’s a great deal of detail and artsy in this room.

14. Dreamy & Grandiose

Here’s a room that was made in a grandiose, luxuriously styled home and it just fit the mark and the space it was in. There’s a dreaminess involved with the choices made – the lights and the tufted sofa. It’s a bit too formal for everyday TV watching with the family, but it’s great for when guests come!

15. Stylish Collection

A personal favorite color combination is the chic and neat black, white and gold. The glimmering topping that highlights this classic duo is what makes the magic arise out of rooms dresses in the trio. And this living room is no exception with its couture-visions and youthful spirit.

16. High & Light

The first thing you notice about this living room is the light, the ceiling and the never-ending windows. All of which help in the creation of such a stunning space. Leaving the walls white helps give the illusion of even more space while the pops of cranberry and yellow helps to add just a smidgen of personalization.{found on architecturaldigest}.

17. Funky Freedom

Sometimes it’s okay to play around the rules and decorate outside-the-box, with a clear vision in mind you can create a room that’s reminiscent of you or your family’s personal style but also chic enough to act as a couture piece of interior design. The neutral foundation works to ground the room while the decor funks it up a bit.

18. Dark Mysteries

Here’s a room that’s made with a bit of a mysterious vibe intact. Dark walls highlighted with white windows, tufted pieces accented by a masculine energy, there’s a lot of surprise around the room, but it draws us in with its warmth. But because of those tufted elements and minimal accessorizing, it’s got a much more formal feeling.

19. Princess Vibes

This living room gives us a princess vibe – but in the most modern of ways. The soft purples provide a romantic, girlish charm that softens the “untouchable” nature of the room. Crystal and glass additions also play off the luxurious element that stands at the center of the vision.{found on gzid}.

20. Crisp Charcoals

Similar to one of its predecessors with the pop of copper, this crisp, charcoal space is formulated perfectly for not only photos but for creating a welcoming energy that doesn’t stray from its design-worth. Layers of throw pillows and textural blankets highlight the sofa, a contemporary light fixture to top off the room and even a rug that keeps things a bit more casual and less overwhelmed.


Source: http://www.homedit.com/trendy-living-rooms/

By: Grace Lynne Fleming